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Being "Deer Tough"

What kind of person are you? Are you a manly man? Are you a tough Jeep girl? Do you liken yourself to Superman or Wonder Woman?

I'm here to tell you, you have nothing on whitetail deer!

Any time rough weather conditions hit a part of our home range, we stay inside. In the case of extreme weather, like hurricanes, we flee to be spared the wrath of mother nature. Deer, however, don't have either option. They have to ride out the weather. Yet, they survive and thrive. Now that's tough, DEER TOUGH.

Just how tough are they?

Here is an example from some recent extreme weather: Hurricane Florence:

Most who stayed behind and did not participate in the mandatory evacuation had to be rescued from the flood waters. These deer didn't have that option. So, what did they do? They just kept "keepin' on!"

Whitetail deer are tough...tougher than us. Amazing isn't it?

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