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Conserve the Wild is an up-and-coming non-profit designed for the average person. Our goal is to provide you with information and education to apply to your own conservation efforts. All of the information we tout is what we utilize on a daily basis so you can take our word to the bank! This information is in conjunction and abides with the North American Model of Conservation.

All conservation movements and techniques we provide can be used by a wide range of people: Hunters, Hikers, Campers, Fishermen, Bird Watchers, and Animal Lovers alike. The goal of humankind should be to maintain and advance all wild species and wild spaces. Together, we can make a difference!

North American Model of Conservation

Basic Principles:

#1 – Wildlife is Held in the Public Trust

#2 – Prohibition on Commerce of Dead Wildlife

#3 – Democratic Rule of Law

#4 – Hunting Opportunity for All

#5 – Non-Frivolous Use

#6 – International Resources

#7 – Scientific Management

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Jason Crighton

With 19 years of hunting experience, Jason started Conserve the Wild & The Modern Predator brand with an eye towards promoting conservation and ethical hunting practices. An avid archery hunter, he spends most of his time improving habitat and being 20 feet closer to God. QDMA, PF, NWTF, NDA member

Jeff Crighton
VP of Habitat Improvement

Jeff has over 30 hunting seasons under his belt. His time spent in the woods mostly revolve around habitat improvement in recent years. He has taken deer with a bow, rifle, pistol, and traditional muzzleloader. Jeff was once one of the best fall turkey and ruffed grouse hunters there is in PA.

Jim Bowman
VP of Historical Records

Jim is the patriarch of the organization. Pushing 70 years of hunting experience, he has seen just about everything in the woods and all the changes over the years. Splitting time with a rifle and traditional muzzleloader, Jim has a knack of taking deer each year with precision.

Barry Duso
#TeamMP Field Staff

When Barry joined our family, he brought with him years of hunting knowledge from his youth. Growing up in a hunting family of his own, he was already set on the path to success.  An avid archery hunter, Barry also adds his 30-06 rifle, over-under 12 guage, and muzzleloader to the mix each year. Some people may think Barry is lucky to harvest quality deer each year, but we would attribute it to his natural instincts.

Talan Conjack
#TeamMP Field Staff

Talan brings to the team 20 years of hunting and fishing experience, but a lifetime of being outdoors. He spends time hunting both big and small game of all types, but his true passion lies in the tree stand with a bow and walking miles in the Allegheny National Forest looking for spring gobblers. He now has a hunter/fisherman/conservationist in training with his first born Emmett Coulter.

Neil Hoefs
#TeamMP Field Staff

Neil is a North Dakota native who enjoys the outdoors by camping, fishing, and hunting whenever time allows. His true passion is pheasant hunting with his labs (Ellie & Citori) and introducing his young kids to hunting. Since, 2010, he has operated Upland Game Adventures to share his passion for habitat awareness, hunting dog, and upland bird topics.

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