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JC on the Neophyte in the Woods podcast

Today, the Change Your POV podcast network released a new episode of the Neophyte in the Woods podcast. This podcast is hosted by Andrew McDowell of the Neophyte in the Woods website and focuses on "hunting and fishing and generally learning about and connecting with the outdoors."

From the podcast description:

"What you’ll learn in this episode: This week on the show, we talk to one of my oldest hunting friends, Jason Crighton from Conserve the Wild. Conserve the Wild is a non-profit which aims to make conservation accessable and important for the “average person.” They aim to provide individuals with information and education to apply to their own conservation efforts. Jason and I discuss just about everything from his roots in hunting, habitat projects he’s undertaking and why “wild” food tastes like it does."

Check out the episode, Jason's thoughts on hunting and conservation, and laugh along with us during his debut on a podcast! After that, head over to the Change Your POV site and give the other podcasts a listen.

You can listen here: Neophyte in the Woods podcast

Also, give Neophyte in the Woods and Change Your POV a follow on Twitter!

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