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New Look, Same Message

Notice anything different? Of course you do! That logo above is the new face of our mission.

Welcome to Conserve the Wild!

There are a couple changes taking place. The new name, logo, and color scheme are designed to broaden our reach. Our goal has always been to get people excited about and participate in outdoor activities. We want these people to do more than experience the outdoors, we want them to give back! We hope that these changes will move more people to be involved with our initiatives!

The major initiative we will be touting is the iConserve movement. The goal of iConserve is for people to give back to wild spaces through monetary donations and, mainly, through active participation outdoors. We will be developing our own volunteer opportunities and assisting with volunteer opportunities for other conservation organizations. More information will be available soon!

With all these ideas floating out there, we need to ensure we are approaching them with the most transparency as possible. To whit, we are in the process of officially filing for non-profit statues! We hope to have this process complete by the beginning of 2018, when we will be fully able to support wild spaces!

In addition to the above changes, we have added 2 new faces to our ranks. Talan Conjack and Neil Hoefs have joined Roy Meaner and Barry Duso as members of our Field Staff. They will contribute to the blog and report from the field year round to help us showcase our efforts to better the wild spaces around us. Both of will be introduced in their first blog posts in the near future. Until then, you can read a brief intro about them on our About Us page.

While you are seeing some changes, one thing we want to make sure of is that our message has stayed the same! We are promoting conservation as part of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation:

1) Wildlife resources are a public trust.

2) Markets for game are eliminated.

3) Allocation of wildlife is by law.

4) Wildlife can be killed only for a legitimate purpose.

5) Wildlife is considered an international resource.

6) Science is the proper tool to discharge wildlife policy.

7) Democracy of hunting is standard.

Are you a fan of The Modern Predator and #TeamMP? Fear not, that aspect of our brand is not lost! We will continue to promote the hunting/outdoor lifestyle, voice our thoughts and concerns on hunting/outdoor related topics, and share our hunting/outdoor experiences with you through this website. Rest assured that the only thing changing is the look!

Stay Wild | Give Back | Conserve

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